Welcome to my world!

     The World of Afghan Hounds - one of the true "Ancient" breeds with a heritage dating back 16,000 years to the mountains of central Asia, and the land we know today as Afghanistan.

     People often ask me why I chose the Afghan Hound, and the answer is that the Afghan Hound chose me!  Call it "Fate" or whatever you will, but a Sunday drive in the English countryside led to the unexpected - a sign saying "Puppies for sale" at the gate leading to a country house  which was the home of an Afghan Hound kennel - and an 11 year old girl went home  carrying a cream colored Afghan Hound puppy.

     Since then my journey has crossed continents and my first pet led to a lifetime in the company of my Afghan Hounds, as breeder, exhibitor and dog show judge.  Please join me in this journey, and I hope that those of you that have not yet become a devotee of the breed will understand why the Afghan Hound is known as The King of Dogs.