How it all began

     The story began with the fortunate acquisition of a bitch with an impeccable temperament and who taught me a lot about the breed. It was Soraya that taught me that many of the myths that  one hears repeated are simply not true.  She was 5 years old when she came to me and had already been trained, so I never knew what I could not do! I took her for long country walks - off leash. Nobody had told me that I could not!  She was calm and gracious with people and had the ability to levitate on to the garden wall, where she would watch the world go by.

    Soraya had a very valuable pedigree for the time, out of old Chaman and Carloway breeding, and had already produced one champion daughter. She was bred to a male from the Horningsea kennel, and produced  a healthy litter of nine.  He too had an excellent temperament,  and all of the puppies took after their parents.  I was still blissfully unaware that there were dogs and bitches with temperament problems, so I never learned to make excuses or to accept them.


    Several of the puppies were shown successfully in England and Scotland.  I kept two of the females and bred from both of them, and then their daughters.  First back to the Carloway line and then taking advantage of stud dogs that had been imported from the USA.  From these early litters came several overseas champions - the first being Int.Fr.Lux.Ch Chandhara Tarifka Khel a multi BIS winner owned by Dr. F.P.Clement and shown by Andre Cuny. Tiki only sired one litter, but he can be found in the back pedigrees of leading kennels in Europe.   His litter brother Aust.Ch. Chandhara Tarkhun Khan became an important sire in Australia.  The next to leave for Australia was BIS Aust Ch Chandhara Hashim Yakoub, followed by Aust Ch Chandhara Wazhir Shah.  Hashim, too, became a successful sire but Wazhir Shah met with a tragic accident before he could be used.

     It was at this point that I knew that I wanted something more and imported a male with a unique concentration of old Turkuman and Grandeur bloodlines from Cynthia Madigan, later Boissevain, of the Branwen kennel, who had relocated from the USA to Spain.  Kamri was nothing like anything in England at the time with coal black triangular eyes, a long neck and a strong level topline and he proved his worth.  I purchased a bitch specifically to breed to him, she was from strong Carloway lines and her dam was from an outstanding litter. This proved to be a key litter for me and others.  Even though a male did gain his title in Australia, it was the three bitches that were to become influential.  Chandhara Shinti-Yan went to Lois Boardman's Akaba kennel in the USA. Chandhara Shirazada went to Australia where she became a multi-champion producer, and Chandhara ShiraKara stayed at home and she is now behind all the dogs I have today.