Arriving at The Present Day

     For the next several years I was an interested bystander. Work, travel and other commitments made active participation in the dog show world impossible.  When the time came to renew my activities Lynette Schelling sent me a grand-daughter of MBIS Aust Ch Chandhara's Moonflower - Ch Shaaltarah Hot Pants - in whelp to Aust Ch Shaaltarah Chinuk. This way I was able to preserve and continue wih my own lines.  Soon after this, Int.Ch. Chandhara's Demon Rum came back to me from Mexico and was bred to Hot Pants a year later.  This was my new beginning that led to the present day. It should be noted that "Ali" - Demon Rum - was over 10 years old when this photo was taken.


     This produced Emma - CH CHANDHARAS DEMRAYAH HOURIDA, shown here with her litter sister Liza at over 13 years of age. Emma is on the photo right, in front of me. Note the strong toplines, unretouched, and body proportions.  Both bitches lived to the age of 15, like their dam.

     When the time came to breed Emma I searched long and hard for a stud dog and could not find the "right" one - until I was at a show and a dog strode into the ring with that amazing gait unique to the breed, and it was "WHO is that dog?" It was CH JOROGZ' HEARTBREAKER - before he was "famous" :)! I think Emma's litter was his third - and this produced my CH. CHANDHARAS KILLADAR.

     Killadar was bred to Chandhara's In Dawn's Gold Light, by Ch Sephira White Lightening ex Ch Chandhara's Chindwara and this produced CH CHANDHARAS DARKHAWK, owned and loved for 14 years by Sue and Ralph Neal of Saimoon Afghan Hounds.  In 3 litters he produced 4 champions, and several successful lure coursers including CH CHANDHARA SAIMOON TAKE A LOOK, CH CHANDHARA SAIMOON TAKE T'THE STARS  and F CH SAIMOON TESSA CHANDHARA.