Please read this first!

      Recent changes to the Animal Welfare Act are affecting ALL dog breeders, and I am posting the history of these changes on a separate page, please read, you may not think it affects you as a puppy seeker, but it does - and it will.  If you live in an area that  the breeder you re talking to is within reasonable driving distance of where you live it may not affect you immediately, but the effects will be cumulatively.


     The new rules are these: to be exempt from the revised provisions of the AWA a breeder must either (1) maintain NO MORE than four intact females whether they are being bred from or not.  This includes bitches that are too young or too old to be bred, but that USDA thinks could be bred from, and bitches that will not be bred because they are being shown, or simply waiting their turn.  OR (2) if they have five or more females they must sell ALL puppies face to face, shipping to a buyer in another part of the country will not be allowed.  If the buyer does not have the time or the money to fly or drive to pick up the puppy in person, they will be unable to do so.


     Breeders will have a choice - if they want to maintain the first exemption, they will have to spay, sell or give away everything over four females. Which means eliminating one female from the allowed maximum every time they keep a female puppy from a carefully planned litter. They may not wish to do this.  They may choose to keep all 5, or 6!  If so, the breeder will not be able to sell a puppy to a "remote" buyer. Animal Rights Activists have already stated that they will be patrolling the internet, contacting breeders to see who might be contravening the rules, then file a complaint with USDA so inspectors can investigate whether or not these breeders should cease and desist or apply for a Class A USDA license.  Many breeders in ALL breeds, have already said they do not want the hassle, so they will quit.  In more popular breeds this may not be a big deal, but in a breed as numerically small as this - it could spell disaster if good breeders stopped breeding or restricted their breeding programs even further. Many of us will try to work together and refer puppy seekers to breeders that we know and recommend.  So even if you live too far from me to come here in person, I will help you find a breeder that you CAN visit.  There may not be a breeder in your State, but hopefully there will be one that is no more than a day's drive from where you live. 

The Above was written in 2013.  Please contact me for further information.

Puppies are available to approved homes from time to time

     Since I do not breed for a specific color, the color possibilities include every possible permutation and combination of colors.   Jet black, blue, white, domino,  black masked red/gold/cream, black and tan/silver and brindles in every hue.  All colors are equal under the standard, it is purely personal preference.  There should be no premium placed on one color over another, all are equally desirable even if people have their own preference.  If you find a breeder that doubles the price for one color over another - consider that a red flag, and question the motives of the seller.


     If you are interested in one of my puppies I do need to speak with you on the telephone - there are too many scam artists out there - and it goes both ways.  You need to speak to me as much as I need to speak to you! I need to know who YOU are and make sure you are a "real" person.  Breeders do get requests of all kinds, genuinely interested people that we want to talk to, scam artists that cannot be contacted by phone that want our bank account information, and now the trolls that have already announced they will be searching the internet for breeders that are not following the revised APHIS/USDA regulations. You on the other hand need to be able to ask ME all the questions you might have, you need to know if I am the kind of person you want to deal with - which means starting with a voice to voice conversation. Once in a while a hearing impaired person will want to contact me, and I am happy to work with you, but please, ask a hearing friend or family member to call me and verify that you ARE "you"! 


You can also find me on Facebook, look for me by name and also my page for Chandhara Afghan Hounds.


I do not have any puppies available myself at this time, but see "Updates" above, Tammy Smith Swanson had a beautiful litter of puppies out of Ch Chandhara Terlez Dilkushah in Kansas. They are available to show and/or companion homes.