Starzon aka Chandhara's Stars On The Horizon

     STARZON is pictured here at 8 years of age.  He was retired from the show ring due a broken tail - he had a beautiful *natural* ring and one day it was hanging like wet spaghetti :(   However that did not stop him from producing some really beautiful puppies in his few litters.  At this writing he is 11 years old and in perfect health, sound in body and mind, scissor bite, full dentition and still has a solid topline and strong musculature - he could pass for a dog half his age!  He always carried a heavy coat but it has been an easy coat to keep groomed and in condition - which made him easy to keep in full coat even after he was retired from the show ring.  He is a black masked red sable, not a brindle as some people might think, and has produced this is his litters.  I will be adding a selection of photos of his kids, some of whom will have their own pages.

      Since the above was written Starzon passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13.  He had a good life and was healthy until the end, with no medical issues. His son Lodie, Ch Chandhara's Lodestar, finished his championship with his new owners Devaune and Teri Johnson,  and will carry on for him.

     This is Starzon's son