I have not updated this page in too long and I need to do a major overhaul. This is what they call a "legacy template" and I have been waiting 3 years - yes 3 years - for a decent high speed internet connection that would allow me to do so. This will now be happening in September when fibre optic is scheduled for installation.  After that happens I will have to redesign and move this whole site to a new platform, which will take some time. This website as it stands will remain live until November 1st.


If you need to contact me you can do so at Afghanhounds@Chandhara.com or on Facebook at Chandhara Afghan Hounds. I am not posting my telephone number as I do not want it to be shared with every telemarketer in existence, but you can always send me yours, no-one will see it but me :) !


I look forward to hearing from you,


Stephanie Hunt-Crowley

August 20th, 2021