This is a synopsis of the history of the changes to the Animal Welfare Act now being implemented, going back to 1996 when the Animal Rights Activists first tried to get USDA to include ALL dog breeders regulated and licensed under the Animal Welfare Act.


In the past couple of days I have seen and heard people blame "The
Government" for the new rules.  I thought we all knew that this was not
true, but since it appears that people have not been following the history
thinking "it will never happen" I put together this brief synopsis of what
has been happening over the past 17 years.

It is NOT “The Government” that is pushing this - it is the end run by the
Humane Society of the United States. This whole saga began in 1996 when the Doris Day Animal League demanded that APHIS expand the Animal Welfare Act to cover ALL breeders in the US. Public comment was invited and USDA rejected their demands. Having failed the DDAL filed suit in 1999 against the USDA (DDAL vs Veneman) demanding that the AWA be expanded. This made its way through the courts until the US Court of Appeals handed down a verdict in January 2003, in favor of USDA, and against the DDAL.

In the meantime former Sen. Rick Santorum was busy spending his campaign contributions from HSUS and authored The Puppy Protection Act of 2001 (PPA) which began the long and continuing legislative effort by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Doris Day Animal League (DDAL), and PETA to regulate breeders of dogs and cats at the retail level. It failed to pass.

Santorum filed a NEW bill in 2005, known as PAWS (Pet Welfare Animal
Statute). Public record showed that he received the maximum campaign
contribution allowed at that time, from HSUS, and they stated publically
that they would continue to support Santorum for his next campaign. That didn't happen because he lost his Senate seat and got booted from congress. However that did not stop his "partner" in anti-breeder legislation, Durbin, from filing P.U.P.S. which is STILL pending - and was filed with the VERY SAME purpose as the APHIS regulations - closing "the internet loophole"
(read HSUS statement here)

In the meantime HSUS covered their bases by working on APHIS from within. Result - the new rules and regulations.