Coats of many colors!

     The Afghan Hound has more possible variations in coat color than almost any other breed! There are color combinations that cannot be found in any other breed! Newcomers are often very confused as the descriptions can vary from person to person. AKC only allows a limited number of registered colors and markings, each of which has its own computer code.  Sometimes breeders have to choose the closest match, but will still use more descriptive terms in e-mail or conversation. The catch is that two people can use the same words for two different colors  and two different words for the same color!  I will be adding photos of different colors, how they can be registered and how they are described.  One thing to remember is that if *shade* of color is important to you - computer monitors can vary a lot in how they display color - a print photo sent in the mail does not change.



    I have had good intentions and I WILL addsome photos of different colors to this site - in the meantime you can check my CHANDHARA AFGHAN HOUNDS page on Facebook - go to Photos then Albums and look for the album Afghan Hound colors.