Adult dogs occasionally available

     Young adult show prospects are very occasionally available. - but there is nothing to stop you from asking - breeders are always faced with the prospect of having to rehome an adult dog due to some disaster affecting his current owner/family.  This is when the breeder will step in to make sure that the dog in question does not end up in a bad situation.  We have no idea when, or if, this is likely to happen - but we have to be prepared for the eventuality. 


     Sometimes we can help the current owner rehome the dog in question in a home much closer to where he/she resides, if this is across country in another State. At other times the dog "Goes home to Mother!" and it may have to happen with 24 hours notice.  Breeders may also find themselves in a position where we feel that a "retirement" home would benefit the dog and provide joy to a new owner.


     Please contact me at any time if this is what you are looking for, and if I do not have any adult dogs available, I will try to put you in contact with someone who does. Please give me your nearest major city and State, that helps.


     When placing an older dog most breeders prefer to keep them within a reasonable distance of their current home or the breeder's home.  Shipping older dogs over long distances can be difficult and costly.  Current airline requirements for larger shipping crates often make it too difficult and too expensive for consideration.  We also want to be sure that it is the right placement for that dog - this is easier to do when the new owner can meet the dog first, before any decisions are made.  


     For myself, the first step is to have a conversation on the telephone.  I can tell you about the dog and you can ask questions and get answers - and so can I.  I do prefer telephone calls for that reason.   If you are at work and prefer to send me an e-mail please include your telephone number, and the best time to call so that I can call you back.