News of all kinds - show wins, new litters, and more

     NEWS !!!


    In April 2014 I launched an e-mail newsletter devoted to the amazing Afghan Hound, for ALL Afghan Hound owners and devotees - dog show exhibitors, breeders, coursing and racing enthusiasts, obedience and agility competitors, photographers, and the largest group of all, without which we would not have the breed we love today - pet owners! 


   Plans were to be publishing monthly but these were derailed due to personal issues following a death in the family, and the second issue did not appear until April 2015! The May issue will be out on or about May 15th, 2015. 


     The Global AFGHAN HOUND newsletter can be found on Facebook at the group The Afghan Hound Newsletter, which is NOT a discussion group, but an adminstrative group for announcements regarding publication dates etc. For further information regarding subscriptions or to obtain a sample issue please write to


     The newsletter was a great idea but a little out of its time - the days of newsletters are over, and at the end of the year I realised it was not going to fly. The Facebook group still exists and I will be reformatting it as a discussion group with the focus on the future of the breed around the world. The group will be renamed and when that happens I will edit this page with the information.